life is beautiful. embrace it. do what you love and love what you do. in my case, i love the ocean. diving and the ocean are my life. i hope to save the oceans one day. this is the good life.

Sights ive seen and places ive been

Well in lieu of the fact that i’m procrastinating studying orgo, writing a blog about the effects of anthropogenic sound on marine mammals, working on my senior thesis and just in general doing school work, i will update on my life. not sure who reads this still and not sure who cares, but like i said im procrastinating.

so its been over a year since my last post so here’s a quick rundown:

*i sitll work at the dive shop as an instructor (more than three years in now, certified over a hundred people, taught my first rescue class thus summer, have met some pretty wonderful people)

*i ended up going to costa rica for a month last summer. spent two weeks doing sea turtle volunteering- got to see 40 or so olive ridley and green sea turtles nesting. we were in a very remote area (Had to take 4 hour bus ride from capital, 2 hour jeep ride and 2 hour (extreme) hike to this place). however it was beautiful- isolated, woke up to sound of howler monkeys, scorpions hung out at the sink, could see every single star in the sky, snakes, lizards, crabs, pelicans one night we saw jauar prints, found a dead turtle pressumably eaten by the jaguar or an alligator (which we also saw and held). only downside were the billions of mosquitos (yes  BILLIONS). the other two weeks were spent going around the country- white water rafting i pacuare river, stayed at a beautiful lodge in manzanillo, zip lining in areal volcano, rappeling down a waterful, thermal pools at rincon de la vieja, horseback riding on the volcano, etc too many adventures really. so yes costa rica- incredible

* i still shark tag, in fact my senior thesis will be about sharks (functional morphology to be exact). ive seen so much now- hammerheads, we caught a great white i think last may in the keys, got to swim off a stressed out hammerhead once to help it get its bearings, blacktips, lemons, nurses, tigers, sandbars, etc. i love them, they love me (maybe?) and i want to keep doing this

*i spend the first three months of this year in galapagos islands- most incredible months of my life. first of my host family was incredible along with every person i met there. it was small and isolated, only 2000 people- my type of place. and let’s just say i swam and saw everything (except whales, although my mom came to visit for a week and saw killer whales eating sea turtles). anyways i dove with at least 20 gorgeous scalloped hammerheads, swam with 20 foot manta rays, galapagos sharks, playful sea lions, stingrays, hundreds or turtles, white tip sharks, eagle rays, schools of cownose rays, blacktip sharlks, sea horses, pinguins, flightless cormorants, dove with a mola mola (honestly my favorite [bony] fish and so unexpected), marine iguanas. and i also got to volunteer with galapagos tortoises which believe it or not was sometimes funnily terrifying, but thats a story for another time. also got to surf pretty much everyday, field trips every day for class, camping on a volcano,

*i got some great diving in during the summer. like i said, still work at the dive shop and this summer i pretty much worked 6 or 7 days a week. on the few days i didnt work i tried to do other things (which usually ended up being me on a boat). headed down to the keys a couple times with my friends and got to dive the spiegel grove which is gorgeous and huge- it will take several more dives for me to explore all of it. 

*ive made quite a few friends now- from shark tagging and from galapagos and we all go out here. night life is nice and now i enjoy dancing- i suck at it but fuck it i enjoy it. 

* i went to disney a couple times over the past year (twice with my ex (yes we broke up, dont worry we’re still friends) and once with an awesome friend from school). love disney so this is definitely worth mentioning

*OH also while i wasin galapagos i jumed off a 40+foot ledge into the water and bruised my tailbone- definitely worth it. we also spent carnaval there and got somethered in paint while at the beach. 

*oh of course my family- my sister moved out and is now a police offficer and also graduated from the her masters. my brother i huge and is spending a year in germany doing his junior year of college. i moved out also and am living alone for the first time (which includes the perks of paying rent, groceries, gas, everything. also cooking for myself and pretty much being an adult.slightly terrifying). my parents are the only ones at home now. my mom started an organization were she sends medical supplies, clothes, food etc to people in venezuela and my sweet loving awesome father works there still and just keeps helping us all out.

*i also finally got my tattoo!

*My family and i went on a cruise, didnt get any diving in but got to snorkel in haiti and also went to xcaret in mexico(it had underwater tunnel/rivers, blanking on what they’re called)

*oh last summer i also volunteered in fort lauderdale with baby sea turtles. patrolled the beach at night waiting for nests to hatch and when they did i rescued any that were going the wrong way (aka not towards the ocean). they may be small but they are fast!

*The semester before galapagos i also worked at a coral lab. its more boring that it sounds- worked with their DNA, not my thing… they dont move!

*Currently- taking 20 credits (including orgo) while finishing my chemistry, math and ecosystem and science minors. trying to finish my senior thesis, still working at the dive shop and shark tagging. although i havent been diving or shark tagging in over a month so my gills are dry (but have no fear im going this weekend). also trying to figure out what to do post graduation in may (one possibility is peace corps). also planning a trip to germany in march to visit the bro and have a cruise planned in november with the parentals. many things to get done and many more to look forward too.


Cirque du Soleil- Totem was AMAZING.

Some of the people from the show (I think one was for music and the other customs) came to get certified and they gave us four free tickets. No one could go cause it was a 12pm show and they were working; except Bre and I and it so freaking amazing. The effects, customs, tricks, story line, music… incredible. AND it was in a tent, like the circus tents in movies… so awesome

Now they gathered more free tickets and are planning on giving them to us in exchange for free diving. I would go in a heartbeat all over again, so good

On a side note- how cool the tickets were free? they were each worth $130! I realized were I work I get to have tons of connections which is pretty amazing.

Ok that was my rant jeje


I can be such a bitch yet you are so amazing :)

despite the fact that I have someone to celebrate valentines day with i’ll be in school all day..

despite the fact that I have someone to celebrate valentines day with i’ll be in school all day..

i am THE dumbest person in the land. I spent all day studying for a physics test. it was at 5pm and i thought it was at 6pm. i am SO frustrated